We provide a 1-year warranty on craftsmanship.

We will come back after 3 months to check in with you and address any issues that have surfaced.  After 11 months, we will come back and do a complete inspection of the work we did before warranty is over so we can address anything additional. 

We will schedule a tentative date to make these return trips, narrowing it down as the time approaches. After our walk through I will get my crew scheduled if any work is required. 

What is Covered:

This limited one-year craftmanship warranty covers installation according to manufacturer’s recommended installation procedures. When no recommended procedure exist, warranty covers installation by industry standards and covers defects caused by improper installation and or damage to the products while being applied that are caused by our installation crew.

In the event of a valid warranty claim, Cross Home Construction LLC will furnish labor to repair, replace, or refund the price of any defective installation workmanship. We will also supply replacement materials when necessary to make such repairs.

What is not Covered:

Product defects and a number of damage exclusions under this one-year craftmanship warranty will be covered under your products manufacturers warranty. Damage caused by acts of God fire, flood, weather conditions, storm damage, earthquakes, moisture, water, humidity retention or accumulation, mildew, mold, settlement (including foundation and wall) or deterioration of the building structure, improper care, adverse effects of pollution, accidental or intentional damage not caused by contractor. In addition this warranty does not cover routine maintenance (caulking, cleaning), products or components installed by anyone other than contractor, or use of incompatible accessories.

Minor color variations may exist between replacement product(s) and the originally installed product(s) and are not indicative of a defective product or a labor defect.